My Favourite Things | March 2015

Annnd just like that, we’re on the last month of Quarter One. You know how they say that when you do a lot of things, time just flies by? I believe that now. Somewhere in between the wedding preparations, and office work, and being a mom and wife, and managing our household, time slipped out and left me in awe at its speed.

To welcome March, I’m going to start on My Favourite Things hosted by Eireen (I loved the ‘u’ in your banner, BTW) and Raisa. It’s basically a list of all things that I loved for the past month. In a way, it’s a collection of all the things that made me happy/fulfilled/motivated/<insert all positive feelings here/>. And also, this is me, searching for myself again, after being a mom, through things that pique my interest. Welcome to my journey.


Etude House Drawing Eye Brow

This is the first eye makeup/tool that I have ever bought in my entire life. I researched on the best eyebrow tools out there and my co-worker nudged me on to the Etude House Philippines website and show me this. I bought the drawing eye brow right after work, that day. It’s extremely easy to use, especially for a first-timer and you can really control the shaping of your brows. The best part? It’s only PhP 149.

I started on learning how to do my brows because I kind of went too far when I trimmed them, leaving me two very, very different eyebrows — neighbor-different, not cousin-different, so I kind of needed to learn how to fix them. The results are really nice! I used to have this mataray look because my eyebrow arcs are really high. When I trimmed my eyebrows, I somehow managed to make the tame the arcs, giving me this mabait look that I have never ever managed before.

Michelle Phan’s Beauty Tips + Tricks

3 Spoony Ways

I got to know of her via Corinth. The thing that immediately made we like to listen to and watch her was that she’s practical. I loved her 3 Spoony Ways video so much that I have already tried Frankensteining my lipsticks into new colors.

How To Get Away With Murder

The synopsis says:

Annalise Keating (Oscar-nominated,Tony-winning actress Viola Davis) is a brilliant, charismatic and seductive professor of defense law, who teaches a class called How to Get Away With Murder. Unexpectedly, she and her students end up having to apply practical knowledge from the course when they become entangled in a murder plot that not only shakes the entire university to the core but also changes the course of each of their lives.

I have been binge-watching this for days now. I loved the idea that they can argue their way into anything and still be realistic (unlike in CSI where they seem to have microscopes for eyes he he). I have one episode left ’til I get to catch up and I can’t wait!

Two Dots

Two Dots Landing Page

Two Dots Landing Page

Ahh! This game is so addicting! I saw some lady play this while on the MRT and got intrigued because the colors (I know, I get turned on by colors ha) in app were earthy and simple. After getting home, I downloaded this and I then the obsession with 3-starring every level started. And hasn’t stopped since then.

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm

I do not know how I managed with my chappy lips before this. I got this December of last year, mainly because they were on sale and I wanted to try a new balm because the one that I had was failing me. The first time that I glided this on my lips felt like a revelation (I swear!). There was no tugging and my lips immediately felt soft and smooth.

Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food

First Peas, Sweet Potatoes and Carrots

First Peas, Sweet Potatoes and Carrots

Our son just started on solid foods. And I swear meal time has never been more fun since! I loved that Earth’s Best is organic and each bottle doesn’t contain any preservatives, plus they taste really good, even the mashed veggies! Sanji’s favorites so far are the apples, prunes, sweet potatoes. This week, we tried the 2-food/veggie combination like pears + mango, prunes + oatmeal, and apples + butternut squash. We’ll see how he likes them, and maybe I’ll feature them on next month’s favourites.

And those were my February favourites! ‘Til next month! 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Favourite Things | March 2015

  1. Ooo.. I’m always looking for new eye brow products. It’s a pain kasi to do brows. Haha. But I may have to look into Etude House. Maybe I’ll get my family there to get me some 🙂

    I love Burt’s Bees lip balms, too. But I haven’t tried the tinted ones yet. Looks like I’ll have to!

    • They also have really nice eyelash products like the mascara remover 🙂 I’m pretty new to the makeup thing but Etude House’s drawing eye brow made it easy!

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