Life Manual: How to Tame your Inner Hulk

We all have these moments. Moments where we get so pissed off, that murdering someone becomes a very, very close possibility. Okay, maybe not murder (too much How To Get Away With Murder, exhibit A), maybe just dipping their toothbrushes in the toilet.

Your co-worker’s an ass who doesn’t do his job, or a driver smacked straight on to your newly casa’d auto. It’s a bad, bad, day or you’re just really pissed off at the world because PMS. Whatever your problem is, or whoever caused it, you have to have a plan on how to deal with your anger. I used to say, “Fuck it, it’s okay to rage because it’s my right/I am human/what they did was really bad, etc”, but I realized that that’s also the exact reason why I should sometimes shut it and not rage like a banshee. Yes, I am human, and because of that, I should have the capacity to not act on whatever my mind can think of (i.e. murder, raging, ranting). So here’s how I deal with anger:


Cliche, I know, but this helps me a lot. Sometimes we’re so caught up in our emotions that we let them get the best of us. But remember that our emotions can sometimes be just a reflection of our physical state. Like for me, when I’m uncomfortable, I tend to get angry more easily because something’s aching/I’m not in my happy body place. So get away from what’s making you angry, sit quietly and comfortably somewhere, and just calm yo self.


Okay, if for some reason, you can’t do #1 because you can’t get away from what’s making you angry, this little guy right here may be the solution. Build a fortress for yourself. How? Browse through things, articles, webpages, toys or pictures that will calm you, or at least divert your attention from the anger. My fortress, for example, include reading my (e-)books while drinking coffee, zoning out to Eddie Vedder’s Ukelele series, and a Happy Box bookmark folder in my browser (I use Chrome, btw, and it syncs across all the devices that I use. Google FTW!), or I just zone out and sleep (they don’t call it La La Land for nothing!)

Not to another country. Move to work or clean or dance it out (What Would Cristina Yang Do, thank you very much). JUST. MOVE. Because when you move, or sweat, your body releases endorphins. And y’all know what Elle Woods say about endorphins — it makes you happy and (all together now) happy people don’t just kill their husbands.

Most of the time, these three things work. But when they don’t… well, there’s always ice cream. 😀


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