The Sunday Currently | 1


If it isn’t obvious that I love lists yet… Here’s my very first proper Sunday Currently. Hope you all have a restful Sunday!


Perfume: A Story of Murder. I have been reading this e-book for almost 2 months now. 2 months is way too long for me to read a book. But see, I just can’t drop reading it because as boring as it is, it’s also very intriguing and descriptively written. So descriptive, in fact, that I can even picture the smells.

Also, Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. I plan to devour every writing that I could find of Sylvia Plath and Anais Nin.


Aside from this post — nothing. And I plan to change this because I miss writing. But I’m currently in the process of layout-ting a book that I plan to publish as bridesmaid gifts to my two best friends.


To How To Get Away With Murder. I know — listening to a series episode. But that’s just how I roll.


About makeup. I’m all about makeup these days. I have never expected to go gaga over makeup because I was such a tomboy. But now we’re here. And I can’t stop. I had to surrender my credit card to M because I kept purchasing makeup products and tools *me and my wallet creys*


Food cooking. I love Sundays because we all have the family together and we get to eat together. Yay!


To be promoted. Life at work has been pretty tough lately. And we’ve all been pushing our asses and I just wish for something, something to make me hold on to this company that I’ve been in for four years.


That things will turn out well on our wedding day. We planned this low-key, intimate wedding + Sanji’s baptism, thinking that it’d make things easier. But it didn’t make anything easy — not one bit. If anything, it made things a bit trickier, what with compacting the guest list, and then finding the right size for the venue. But ahhhh! I just hope that everything turns out well on our special day.


House clothes. My mom and sister went to Cambodia and they got me this wonderful flowy dress and it’s so comfortable and light and pretty.


How Sanji grows up so fast. A little too fast. But just seeing him sit and stand and coo and eat solid food gives me such joy in life.


Jonathan Safran Foer’s (yes, whole name because I love saying his name) Tree of Codes. Can someone, anyone, gift me this? Pretty, goddamn, please with flowers on top?


To start on my Baby Mario, Mario and Luigi amigurumi project. I’m going to use this pattern that I found on Ami‘s blog.


Anxious. Lots of things had to be done on a very, very tight schedule.


8 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently | 1

  1. Hey this is a neat blog entry concept, but something I wouldn’t be able to do since my currently listening to and reading would always be “nothing” or “fanfics” LOL.

    Anyway, your Baby Mario project caught my eye! I look forward to seeing the end result of that 😀 Mario FTW!

    • Still valid currentlies, though! 🙂

      Ahh, thanks! I haven’t gotten around to starting on it yet — I can’t seem to make amigurumis as often as I like 😦

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! I do hope it turns out okay, it’s not everyday that I get married. 🙂

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