Things I Love Thursdays | 1



Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes

I once heard that buying makeup brushes is like trying pot for the first time — you never know you need it/them, but once you try it, you’re hooked! (or something like that). And, well, yes, I am hooked. I first heard of this set from Camie, and then from Corinth. And after an attempt to clean my makeup brushes and then failing at it, I really had to buy a proper set.

What I absolutely love about these brushes, is that they work. I have tried brushes that are soft, yes, but won’t properly distribute BB cream or powder on the skin. The set consisted on a buffing brush, a foundation brush, contouring/blush brush, and a detailer brush. My favorite of them all is the buffing brush. Usually, when I use any brush for powder, my face gets dark AND oily (quel horreur!). The RT buffing brush does nothing of that — it gives a finished, pore-less look that it just unbelievable.

Bobbi Brown BB Cream

My previous BB cream was the L’oreal Magique BB Cream, and it’s a pretty nice, seemingly bottomless cream, but wear time isn’t that long. The Bobbi Brown BB cream doesn’t make my face oily(er) and has a smooth finish, which I love. I’m still contemplating on buying this because it’s pretty pricey at PhP 480 for the travel-sized one.

Viola ze litol cactus


I have long-dreamed of owning a cactus because 1) it’s a low maintenance plant which requires no watering and too much sun and 2) well, basically, #1 says it all.

MAC Amplified Lipstick in Impassioned

My first MAC lipstick! I also wanted the Flat Out Fabulous and Morange but after a ton of research, I was able to settle on this shade because it turns out, Morange and FOF don’t work well with warm skin tones.

Revlon Mascara

My aunt gave me this, and after using it for 2 weeks, I finally found out that it has this nifty switching tool for when you like to lengthen your lashes or if you’d like to volumize it. It stays put, even if it’s not waterproof and it brightens my usually sleepy eyes.

I know, it’s a list full of makeup things, save for the cactus, but believe it or not, these make my days happier.


7 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursdays | 1

  1. Someday, I will own a Mac lipstick too! ❤️ Cacti and succulents are so low maintenance! Because of them, anybody can pull off being a “plant mother”. Haha. I love them.

    • Naku when you start on using MAC, nakakaaddict na kasi it stays on even after eating/drinking plus so pretty shades!!

      I know right! I usually just leave her on the table which receives ample sunlight in the morning and she’s all set! 🙂

      Thank you so much for always reading, Corinth! 🙂

  2. I used to have Mac, but when I ran out by the time that I’m super broke, I eventually found myself using Wet and Wild. Much like Mac, it doesn’t fade out easily, plus they have dupes of the Mac shades… for a lesser price. Hehe! 🙂

    I wanna have real techniques too, but I’m still thinking if I should invest on brushes since I’m not a huge fan of makeup. Nice post, btw! ❤

    • Ah, I’ll try Wet n Wild! Thank you for the tip! My husband has been tsk-tsk-ing at me because “900 PESOS FOR ONE LIPSTICK?!” :))

      I’d suggest you buy trial brushes first, just to get into the idea of doing makeup. In2It, Elf and Marionnaud at SM Department Stores has affordable brushes — they’re the first ones I used.

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