Life Lately: Of Baby Bottles, Uni-corns, and Walks in the Park


If we step back two years from today, and someone told me that my life would entirely change within six months, I’d tell you: Am I going to win the lottery? (Ha ha). But seriously, I would have never thought that within just a short period of time, a lot of things, and a lot of me could change. I have gone through my party girl years (hello Tumblr days, and Tumblr people), my serial monogamy years, and then I suddenly landed on to this: the mature (most of the time, heh), budget-listing (hello, notebook-a-holic enabler), responsible adult years.

Contrary to what I feared, mom (and home maker) life is actually pretty exciting; I get to dabble in a little bit of everything. Sure, some days are going to be baby bottles and nappy changes, but most days, I get to explore whatever my mind whims.


Last Sunday, we finally managed to pick up the wedding invitations that we had printed at Divisoria, make the boutonnieres for the gents and topiary bouquets for our flower girls, and write the addressees on our invitation envelopes. (Whew!) This is it, the final stretch of our wedding preparations. In less than a month, I will officially be a missus (eek!).

Our then chill weekends have now been packed with baptism and wedding seminars, caterer bookings, floral arrangement and cake design options, and (very) frequent and tiring trips to local suppliers for affordable DIY materials. I’m not complaining (okay, maybe just a bit), but wedding preps are so fun, especially when you put something into making your day extra special.


This cutie can now sit for longer periods without support, and express his feelings towards things, like: people squishing his chubby cheeks (grunting = annoyance), any food that I eat (squealing and happy babbling = gimme moar food, please).

wpid-photogrid_1426491979628.jpgMe, rekindling an old love (e-books are just not the same as tangible ones) through Lang Leav’s Lullabies. I was particularly melancholic that day and it just hit all the right spots. Mario, starting a new hobby — One Piece Grand Ships. We spent last Saturday building a new ship, the 4th in his collection.


A co-worker asked me to make a uni-corn (har har, so corny!) amigurumi for him and this is what came of it. I don’t quite understand what I made but he seems to like it very much, and has been researching for other corn characters for me to make. So far he has corn-stache and lepre-corn amigurumis lined up (God help me with the lepre-corn!). Seeing these made my other co-workers request their preferred stuffed toys, like Baymax (easy peasy, plus I have a lot of white yarn) and Optimus Prime.


My husband and I make it a point to pass through the Legaspi Active Park on days that we can. He does it because it’s “extra exercise” (with matching macho arm gestures). I do it because parks simply make me happy, especially when there are little kids running around. I notice I’m less of a morning grump when we walk through here on our way to work, so maybe we’ll allot more days in a week for these short sanity walks.


5 thoughts on “Life Lately: Of Baby Bottles, Uni-corns, and Walks in the Park

    • If you can make a collar/necklace crochet thingy, then your crochet skills are amigurumi-ready! 🙂

      Yes, I’m planning to post the DIYs here, plus the local suppliers where we got the materials from. We just have to get through this wedding ahhh! :)))

  1. DIY weddings ❤ My wedding was small and almost everything was bought from the dollar store! haha. So excited for you and your hubby's wedding! ❤ And your boy's growing up so fast!

    • That’s my kind of wedding! I actually consulted your wedding before I planned for mine, so we also picked a one layer cake hihi

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