Listography: Birthday Wishlist


There came a point in my life when I thought I’d get past this “tradition” of listing things that I want for my birthday because I’d be mature enough not to want material gifts. Hah! I thought wrong. The wanting never stops, especially when you get to explore more of the world and know more of yourself. *insert more justifications here*

So here’s my categorized list, for easier gift-hunting. *yes you, I’m looking at you Mr. Marcelo :p*


Let’s start off with the obvious. (he he)

Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay Gel Liner
I donut know much about eye makeup and before, never bothered with exploring options either. I once believed that any eye makeup would make my protruding eyes bulge out more… that is, until a friend’s wedding where her makeup artist showed me how to complement the type of eyes that I have — through slightly winged, tight-lined eyelining.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover
I have tried other makeup wipes before and none worked! Most would remove the blush and the lipstick, but never waterproof mascara. Imagine my wonder when I purchased this at and found that it works, plus it doesn’t irritate the skin! I still have about a fourth of a package on hand, but given that I use this almost everyday, I’m almost out of stock.

Naked2 Palette
Another attempt at giving eye makeup another chance.

Jovan White Musk for Women
The only perfume that I ever used and liked.

L’oreal Revitalift Magic Blur
A co-worker gave me a sample of this and my experience with this product is fantastic! It preps and buffs my skin for better adherence of makeup, plus it minimizes the fines lines and wrinkles.

The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain
Ah I miss this! Back when I was still clueless about makeup, this and a pressed powder were the only contents of my “kikay kit”. I loved the healthy, cheeky glow that it gives!

A (bigger) makeup pouch
My makeup stash is currently living in a makeshift bag, which used to be packaging for a bath set that waa gifted to me. So yes, a proper container would be really appreciated.

Revlon UltraHD in Iris, Poppy, Poinsettia or Tulip; and Inglot Matte Lipstick in 426 and 424
I’m all about lipsticks nowadays! From using just one color for a month (a month!), now I use about 3 colors (of the 6 that I have) a week. My arsenal still lacks mattes, oranges, nudes, berries, plums, and the perfect red lipstick.

Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream
Becaz puffy eyes and aging!


Or basically, anything that has something to do with words

Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer
I fell in love with this book the moment I saw it on Regina’s IG. I don’t care if Safran Foer is incredibly hard to read (hello, Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close which I can’t seem to finish for the 4th time @@), I want this.

Venzi notebooks, mid-sized
Preferably ones in teal, coral, navy, or black. Obviously I have an incurable notebook-hoarding disease.

Stabilo fine-liner pens in teal, navy, magenta, black and purple
I used to like Muji’s double-ended colored pens, but lately I find myself uncomfortable with how thin my handwriting is when writing with the smaller-end tip.

Magnetic Poetry kit – Haiku, Zen and the Original kit
I’m on a quest to be a better (and more frequent) writer. Before, I pull my thoughts and ideas from negative emotions like sadness, heartache or loss. Now I want to try on just simply pulling from me, without having to torture myself.


I’m an escape artist who can’t “escape”! Welp!

A staycation at a beach
My body has been wanderlust-ing for quite some time now (seventeen months, to be exact!), and given that out of the country trips are off limits until we manage to get Sanji a passport, I’d settle for out of towns.

Road trip somewhere not Manila
Marikina or somewhere in Antipolo, even Bulacan or the super mainstream Tagaytay — anything that gets me away from the bustle of the city.

I was tempted to add more, like yarns (God knows why! I haven’t crocheted in 2 weeks!) and craft supplies, but decided to settle on the wants that are bordering on need already.

Just making this list already makes me feel contented! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Listography: Birthday Wishlist

    • I propose we start crocheting again! Gantsilyo Guru (, yarnsph in IG) has new Red Heart Boutique yarns in amazing colors! The Candied yarn kind of reminded me of one of your hair colors, actually :p

      • I misplaced my hooks! I brought my entire set to the office and I can’t remember if I brought them home but they aren’t in my locker. I’ll be getting a bamboo 12-piece set soon. 🙂

  1. Advanced happy birthday! Would totally love to go on a road trip too, and have those super nice Venzi notebooks 😀 Hope you get some of your wishes by your bday! 😀

  2. Advance happy birthday! Gosh I have a L’oreal Blur Cream I’m not interested in after reviewing it (works great, but I’m not a primer user!)

    I will have to try the Neutrogena wipes. Stress ko din yang mascara na yan pagdating sa wipes!

    • I wasn’t a primer user either but it just worked for me! 🙂 Yes, you should definitely try it. I once used Etude’s makeup remover but found it too oily and icky on the face. The neutrogena wipes aren’t like that. 🙂

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