Weekday Wardrobe | 1

Of course this was inevitable.

Together with my new-found love for makeup, came the rekindled “thing” for giving (more) thought about my workday outfit. I was pushed into this because lately, my husband has been fond of taking photographs of me. Mostly because he enjoys laughing at how I usually look drunk for most of the photos that he has taken lol. So here’s what I wore the past weekdays, from left to right:


Top: A thrifted crocheted sweater that’s surprisingly breezy even in our summer weather
Bottoms: Khaki pants that I’ve had since 2010. This was the first time since giving birth that I was able to wear this without struggling to move my legs (hurray!).

Top: My mom’s shirt which came from an SM Supermarket
Bottoms: Bell bottom pants that I’ve had since highschool

Dress: From a Korean store in Divisoria

Top: Sleeveless top from Kashieca or Bayo (? I can’t recall)
Bottoms: Black jeans from Forever 21
Outer wear: Short-sleeved sweater which fits my mom, two petite sisters, and me. I’d say we call it the Sisterhood of Travelling Sweater. :p

Top: Dress shirt that mom gave me after I gave birth. It’s loose as a goose now, but I still love wearing it.
Bottoms: H&M Maternity leggings. Obviously I had these when I was still pregnant, but it’s so comfy (and has so much food baby space he he) that I still opt to wear it over my other leggings.

Shoes for all 5 days: Two year old Charles and Keith pointed leather flats which I really have to (but donut want to) retire because they look tired as fuck (wawa).

What do you think about the outfits? What do you usually wear for work? Tell me about your weekday wardrobe. šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Weekday Wardrobe | 1

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