The Sunday Currently | 2



The Art of Racing in the Rain. My husband brought me book shopping as an advanced wedding present, and this is one of my buys. I have already read the book (my baby sister lent it to me) and loved it so much that I want my own copy. Bonus points that I got the limited edition cover.

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll love (or hate, depending on how you take the story) this book!


Platform manuals and utility’s for our team’s Git repositories. Being an OC team lead can sometimes be a pain in the arse.


To the chirping of birds and people waking up or coming home from church. Also, vegetable, taho, and fish vendors.


About work. And the shit that’s happening almost every week.

On the positive side: About how Sanji is such a good boy. We went to S&R last night and he was cooing and laughing the whole time that we were shopping. We ate after, and he ate too (clam chowder lover here!) He got tired, and unlike some kids, he didn’t fret and just slept on my shoulder.


The long weekend nearby! My husband and I will take leave from work from April 2nd until the 10th as preparation for our wedding. This means 1) not having my head explode from too much pressure at work and 2) spending play time with Sanji and Mario. I can’t wait!


For an Inglot 426 or 424 or Revlon UltraHD’s. Hehe. I really want my oranges, plums and berries in my lipstick arsenal.


To finalize our wedding songs mixtape and program today. Kaunti na lang!

If you want to suggest songs (or playlists) that you think are apt for a summer wedding, please drop ’em in the comments section! πŸ™‚


Pants and a shirt and a low ponytail. We just came home from church, it’s Palm Sunday. As usual, Sanji is well-behaved and sociable to the #TitasOfMarimar.


How patient my husband is with me. With all the pressure from work plus the coming wedding, I sometimes snap at him *I’m so sorry face*. He gets me, though, and doesn’t snap back. He’s kind like that.


Lipsticks. Lots and lots of lipstick shades *greedy laugh here*


More time for the following tasks: 1) Get the stickers from the printers for our DIY wedding souvenir, 2) Make a map to the church and reception venue for our guests, and also to 3) Remind them that even though Los Banos is barrio-ish, it’s actually a city, which manages to always have terrible traffic on Saturday mornings, so they have to depart for the church earlier, and 4) Send out invitations for Sanji’s baptism. Whew!


Pissed off (and kind of sad), when I think about work. Anxious, when I think about the upcoming wedding and baptism. And calm, when I look at my two wonderful boys.


7 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently | 2

    • Thank you for the kind words! I’m a bag of nervous beans nowadays, and comments like these help me somehow calm down. πŸ™‚

  1. Hi Pao! I don’t know if you can remember me but I’m so glad that I found your new blog! I’m so surprised about all the changes that you have now in life. So happy for you and your family ❀

    PS: Your baby's so cute!

      • I found it thru Helga’s blog πŸ™‚ Did you try accessing the bcos that is not live yet. My blog’s url is

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