My Lipstick Arsenal | 1


Yes, yes, your honour, I, Paoline, am hooked with lipsticks. When I was younger, I was too afraid to wear tinted balm (tinted balm!) because “it’s too colorful”, but now, my lipstick wishlist includes purples and oranges.

Last week, I saw this post on Instagram about a lipstick challenge — one where you will have to wear a different shade of lipstick for a week. I thought I’d jump into the challenge because 1) it sounds fun and 2) it’s a good way to try on new looks for my wedding. But I didn’t want to commit yet because as of the moment, I only have six shades of lipstick c/o sanity checks by my husband (if it hadn’t been for him, I would have hoarded all the shades that I love). So I picked last week to start because it only has three working days (he he). So here were the shades that I wore (described from left to right, flower not included :p):

Monday: Full makeup and a nude mocha

Monday: Full makeup and a nude mocha

I figured, it’s best to start a (very) busy week with my best (makeup) game face. On top of the usual base, blush and brows (U3B’s*) is a free lipstick that I got from L’oreal, called Collection Stars in Barely Moka. I read on the collection and basically, it’s a set made up of different nudes —   Barely Plum, Barely Moka, Barely Coral, Barely Greige, and Barely Pink.

A little back story: I was contemplating which liquid foundation to buy and it’s between L’oreal and Revlon. As soon as the L’oreal salesperson mentioned that the foundation will come with a free lipstick, I immediately decided to buy it because FREE LIPSTICK *greedy laugh*

To be honest though, I am not very fond of this lipstick because 1) it shimmers a lot — I’m more of a natural – matte person 2) the shade is kind of old and serious, though I plan to use this whenever I have a meeting with my managers, just to fit the part (he he) and 3) it’s too creamy — I dropped the tube yesterday, and the bullet didn’t even hit anything but it collapsed (huuu~)

Tuesday: Light makeup and my favorite lipstick

Tuesday: Light makeup and my favorite lipstick

Ohhh MAC Impassioned *swoons*

Apparently, my game face wasn’t game enough for the work problems that welcomed me that Monday morning. I went home at 11 PM 😦 and was so disheartened and tired and on the brink of just throwing the white towel.

Tuesday morning, I woke up feeling renewed and rested because le husband let me sleep straight through the night without waking me up for our babysitting “shift”. I was feeling a bit lazy though, so I didn’t do the whole U3B’s (no blush, no powder, too), but wanted to brighten things up so I used my MAC Amplified Lipstick in Impassioned (which I have raved about in my last TILT).

On the tube, Impassioned looks neon and is kind of scary to wear, especially for morena‘s like me. But on the lips, it’s a nice warm color. Tempatalia says that it has a hint of coral but I can’t seem to distinguish the “corality” in it. It’s very pigmented, very easy to apply — on the picture above, I only had to apply one (one!) layer of it.

My husband dislikes this shade because “it’s too daring”, but I love this! It makes me feel confident and bright and happy!


Wednesday: No-makeup makeup and a DIY lipstick

I was dead-tired by the end of the three-day workday so I decided to just lie low and do an almost no makeup face with just my U3B’s without the blush, and my DIY Frankensteined lipstick made of Burt’s Bees tinted balm in Pink Blossom and a MAC dupe in coral. When you look at the pan on the cover (rightmost), you can see the coral tint, but on my lips, the coral was kind of drowned out by the tinted balm.

I don’t want to say this, but currently, this lipstick is MLBB (my lips but better). Sure, it doesn’t brighten up my face like Impassioned, but the creases on my lips are lessened and it doesn’t feel dry even after ~eight hours of wear time. We’ll see if we can find another non-DIY-ed lippie that’ll be my new MLBB.

Also, I showed by mom and little sister these three shades and asked them what’s the best one to wear on THE day and they chose this; Impassioned is too red, says my mom, and Barely Moka is too ninang (which I guess is kind of a level-upped tita lol).

*U3B – Bobbi Brown BB Cream, Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer, Etude House Blush in Coral, Etude House Drawing Eye Brow in Dark Brown

Which would you vote as the shade for #TheBabs2015?

Let me know your thoughts! 🙂



8 thoughts on “My Lipstick Arsenal | 1

  1. I have a red lipstick from L’Oreal and it isn’t very sturdy nga. =/ It’s bent and wonky and I never even dropped it!

    I’ve been trying bolder lips but I keep going back to nudes haha. My forever faves are Mac’s Honey Love and Angel and Ofra’s Laguna Beach.

    • Kala ko I’m just not very careful with handling my L’oreal one, or maybe it’s because of the heat?

      Ooh I’ve been wanting an Ofra lipstick since I saw it from Tellie! Maybe I’ll try to get my oranges from there 🙂

    • Aww thanks! So far, 4 votes for Franky (because it’s Frankensteined lol) — you, my mom, little sister and husband. 🙂

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