Life Lately


A week after our wedding and I’m still hung over, and even more head over heels in love with this man.

Also: we’re celebrating one week of being married by a little R&&R — massage, a shopping spree and a barber’s cut.

Things are slowly going back to normal and I’ve never been more thankful for normalcy because it means less pressure, less arguments and better days, in general.


The relatives have also been slowly settling back into their own homes. And I couldn’t be more thankful for that. Some family members are best appreciated when they’re a few miles away.

I’m sorry for sounding a bit mean, but close family ties really is a negative trait of Filipino families — some boundaries just have to be respected.


I’ve been taking classes at the Ateneo School for Continuing Education. My company was generous enough to enroll me into a four day session for Essentials of Supervision. I’m learning a lot of things which I’m excited to put into work at the office, and which I’m already gradually applying in real life, as well.

Also: apparently, everything in life can be bettered by applying certain managing skills. The best lesson (for me) so far is on being assertive, and anger management as a simple case of managing your emotions and your words.


My husband’s idea of a honeymoon is 1) indulging me with all my book cravings and 2) checking off things in my Birthday Wishlist by allowing me a shopping spree. I only asked for one lipstick and by some fluke of the universe, he gave me three (three!) in addition to the two shades that I bought from Mario-approved go-crazy-at-the-mall event. Mom and two sisters have been as indulging as well *tears in eyes*.

And it’s not even my birthday yet! Man, what a spoiled grown-up I am!


Speaking of indulging… here’s a tiny teaser for the upcoming wedding series. It’s taken at Sanji’s Christening photobooth and if I recall correctly, this was also the first time that we got to hold Sanji after the church event — the day was that busy.

As soon as I gather and edit all the pictures, I promise to write up at least two decent posts – one for the event itself and another one for the preps / suppliers / DIY tutorials, etc.

That’s it for the quick update. I realized I haven’t blogged in a week 😦

Hope y’all had a nice Sunday! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Congrats again on your wedding! 🙂 Much like Helga, I’m not as close to relatives because I’m not fond of the drama and all that shiz. Extended family is too chaotic to handle. Hehe!

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 I think we all agree with the extended family thing :)) I love them, but they’re too controlling.

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