The Sunday Currently | 4


I read the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual yesterday, and I just borrowed “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff (and it’s all small stuff)” from my little sister.

To be honest, my extremely OC self is repelling the idea of just letting things go and “making peace with imperfection”. I mean, I know how tiring it can get. But I don’t like the idea of settling because it’s convenient.

I was planning to write scheduled posts about our Luljetta Hanging Garden Resort trip, part 2 of #TheBabs2015, and a lipstick arsenal post, but Globe is such a sucky internet provider, that I can’t even retrieve the photos from my drive 😦

To Mario and Sanji playing peek-a-boo!

About a lot of the issues at the office. And how I’m going to have to deal with that for another week.

Sanji’s milk. He’s had the habit of juggling his bottle so milk usually spills out.

For peace of mind, heart, or just a nice long full body massage.

That Sanji gets better already. He has on and off fever over the weekend, and he’s still malikot and masigla and matakaw and all, but I just want his fever to go away for good.

Bench polka-dotted boxers and Aeropostale sleeveless top.

How convenient this weekend is because mom is doing all the cooking. This morning we had super crispy bacon-cut pork — only mom can make it that crispy! Yummm

To see my two best gals over coffee. We can’t seem to agree on a common time because of work and family duties.

Now that I’ve mentioned it — a big ass cup of coffee.

Meh. Sanji has been sick over the weekend — he just had the measles shot and the doctor already told us about this. Basically, I had been a bag worries over the past two days because his fever keeps coming back. Plus, this heat is a killer. Can summer be over, and the rainy days come sooner?


3 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently | 4

  1. Hope Sanji is better by now!

    And I also hope you got that full-body massage. I’ve been needing one for ages but I never make the time. =/

    • Unfortunately, he’s sick again 😦

      Where do you go when you want a nice massage? We usually have our manang masahista travel from Los Banos to here but she’s too busy nowadays.

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