Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa


A few weeks back, my little sister gave me a really thoughtful advanced birthday and post wedding gift — a day at a beautiful spa with Mario. It was a dream come true for me because I have been wanting to go to a spa and I also missed travel adventures — in whatever form that is, as long as it gets me out of Manila.

Being that the spa is at Antipolo, we started our day early. After giving Sanji his usual bath, we quickly packed our things and headed to Megamall where the FX to Ynares Center is located. We didn’t wait long for the ride to fill up, so after about 2 hours, we had the driver drop us by a tricycle stand going to the spa. We asked the tricycle driver to take us to Loreland Farm Resort where the spa is nestled in. When we arrived at the farm, there were a lot of families (and I mean A LOT) so I got worried a bit. But when we were finally ushered to the main entrance for the spa, we were appeased.



Mario and his forever love for hammocks


The place was really beautiful! And there weren’t a lot of people in the spa, so hurray! We hung around their welcome area / viewing deck, waiting for their welcome drinks and snacks, because their website says that the package includes that, but we didn’t receive any. So after booking our massages, and changing into our spa outfits, we went to their restaurant because we were starving!




Okay, I didn’t take photos of the food because the lighting inside the restaurant was really bad (he he). The package includes a three-course meal for two. The crab salad was really fresh, but I found it lacking in a little ooomph. A salad doesn’t have to be boring, you know. Their entree was a choice between two kinds of pasta – a pesto based one, and a red tuna pasta. We both opted for the tuna pasta, which was really yummy. The dessert was a selection of fruits in season (watermelon, papaya, pineapple), but I’m not really a summer fruits kind of gal. While we were waiting for all of those, we attempted to play a fair game of Dama. But Mario just kept beating me huu~~





After eating, we started our water spa session. The resort has a total of six water amenities: Dr. Fish spa, sauna, heated jacuzzi, hydro-massage and two infinity pools. Their fish spa was too creepy for me because the fish were not little! Some were as big as a tilapia 😐 The hydro massage pool was pretty nice, except that the water was really cold and the “massage” was too hard. My favorite were the infinity pool (we lounged here for about an hour!), the sauna, and the heated jacuzzi.

After our water adventures and impromptu hiking (the resort has this layered layout because it’s built upon the sides of a mountain), we proceeded to our massages. Mario had the full body massage, which was extremely sulit! We were in the same room, and the masseuse, who was about half his size, was easily twisting and kneading him like a pretzel. I only had the head massage because I just had an operation (ehem caesarean section), but it was quite good as well.


Antipolo’s signature fried suman with mango sauce



After the massages, we changed into our traveling outfits, and lounged around the viewing deck while eating our afternoon snacks. Our adventure ends as we head home; the travel back was nice because of the sunset views.

Our experience at Luljetta’s was wonderful. A few points on improvement though: better food and more amenities.


Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa
Loreland Farm Resort, Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City 1870
Mobile: +63.917.544.4432 or +63.928.627.8897


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