Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 1


The past weeks haven’t been exactly good to me. But that’s not reason to ignore the little happy things that kept me going.

Friday’s 10 Happy Things is a blog link up started by one of my favorite bloggers, Helga. The mechanics are pretty simple (but not necessarily easy): Every Friday, write down ten things that made you happy that week. I used to do something similar to this, the Happy365 — I actually had a small notebook where I wrote all the things that made me happy, EVERYDAY. I think I stopped when I moved to my current job and got incredibly busy.

Lately I’ve been getting a beating from work, which makes me sad, because I’m a competitive employee laek dat. So here’s to recognizing the little things that make each (working) day bearable:

  • Pan de Manila’s corned beef pandesal with iced Milo (of course the first on this list is food he he he)
  • Although work has been a biatch, learning new stuff is actually fun, like Python and SQL Alchemy and Object Oriented Concepts.
  • Maybelline White Super Fresh + Happy Skin’s lip and cheek mousse + Evian face mist. The heat has kept me from my usual makeup routine, but these hardworking babies have kept me fresh-faced, seemingly blooming and shine-free.
  • Sanji’s huuuge appetite. And I mean huge! He eats almost anything that we give him — he especially likes steamed chicken and even says “mmm” and “chap” when we feed him.
  • My boss’ patience with me. I keep bugging him to guide me through object oriented programming because I’m not very comfortable with it. I appreciate that he doesn’t make me feel more stupid than I already feel I am.
  • My new Rusty Lopez boots that didn’t need breaking in. I have worn them twice already, and they’re super comfortable and so easy to pair with most of my clothes.
  • Getting back into blogging again, after weeks of silence.
  • Finally getting rid of the zit INSIDE my nose. I get those every summer, I guess because of the heat? And I’m telling you, a zit inside the nose is paaaiiinful! So painful that I took two mefenamics for two straight days because the pain was radiating through my whole head. Boy am I super relieved that that’s over!
  • Tomorrowland movie night c/o free tickets from our office!
  • My girl friends and I were finally able to meet over coffee and talk about feeling old and #Tita!

Well that was fun! I look forward to reading and making more of these lists. Have a happy weekend everyone! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 1

  1. It really isn’t that easy to think of 10 things that made you happy! Haha, I struggle sometimes, even though I start my list as early as Monday and try to add 2 each day.

    I have a bottle of the Evian mist somewhere but I never ever used it. I wonder if I can find it and if it’s still any good. HATE THIS HEAT.

    • Yeah, especially on bad weeks. But i guess that’s really the point of the series :))

      Ditto on that hate. Parang sasabog eyeballs ko @@

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