#TheBabs2015: Wedding Sources


Planning our wedding and Sanji’s baptism, we didn’t have a lot of moolah to deal with. And that not only made things easier — because we have a clear boundary as to what we can have — but it also made things more fun because we are pushed to be creative.

Invitations and Guestbook

We had our invitations printed at Patricia’s Souvenir along Tabora St., Divisoria. It was a bit hassle to go back and forth because of its location, but the pricing was so worth it! The one thing I learned from doing a budget wedding was to haggle, so from PhP150 per piece for 100 pieces, we got the invitations at PhP90 for 100 pieces, plus a few extras in case the printing was wonky. A little tip: don’t put off printing your invitations until the last minute. Allow at least two months prior to the wedding because some printers increase the price as the wedding day approaches. Also, be patient with these people (he he).

The guestbook was my baby sister’s gift to us — she got it at Fully Booked. The makers of “The Real Wedding of the Century” are the same ones who created “Relaks, Pag-ibig Lang Yan, Parang Kagat ng Langgam” Planner, Witty Will Save The World, Co.



Hair and Makeup

Okay, I was really planning on doing my own makeup for the wedding. But I guess my mom was too concerned about how we’d look, plus the hassle (or maybe she doesn’t trust my makeup skills yet huuu~). She asked one of her suking salon person in Los Banos, Tita Pannie of Pannie’s House of Beauty.

To be honest, at first I was hesitant because the salon seemed so tita and old-school-ish. But when I asked for a trial makeup (which cost only PhP 500), I was so impressed! Not only were her arsenal full-on branded (Max Factor, Lancome, L’oreal, etc), but her makeup skills were definitely on point. She knew how to handle my acidic skin, and she managed to make my sleepy eyes come alive. She didn’t have to retouch during the wedding until the reception, but my face still looked flawless and vibrant. Mario’s hair also didn’t budge one bit, plus his foundie didn’t melt even after claims that he cried while I was marching down the aisle (mehehe~)

If you’re in Los Banos, I highly recommend that you visit her salon, which is located along National Highway, in front of Healthserv, just before Jollibee Crossing. They have super sulit foot spa’s, scrubs, and mani-pedi’s.

Wedding Outfit

Once again, we sought through the streets and alleys of Divisoria for affordable outfits. Armed with a picture of a wedding dress that I fitted at Ivory and White Bridal shop at Landmark (that originally, ridiculously cost PhP 24,000!), we marched on Nita’s Wedding Boutique at Tutuban Mall. We knew about this place because Mario’s brother also had their wedding stuff sown here.

My gown was made of soft tulle over silk, with lace patches. The veil was soft tulle, as well, and was only about 3 – 4 ft long. I just wanted it to be simple, not too dressy, a bit of corsetry (to manage my post-Sanji bodeh), but still elegant — and Ms. Nita managed to pull that off! The entire wedding package — gown, first veil, second veil, ring pillow, arrhae pillow, and cord — only cost PhP 9,000! Mario’s entire ensemble — coat and pants (the shirt, he already had before) — we found at a stall in 168, cost around PhP 2,500~ after he haggled with the manang.

See, who says you have to spend a lot on wedding outfits that you’d only wear ONCE?!

Floral Arrangements

This was a no-brainer for us when we finally decided to hold our wedding at Los Banos — the only florist that I trust is Aling Aning of Aning’s Flower Shop. All the flowers that I have ever brought, were from her shop, be it for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or Valentine’s Day. Her shop is located beside San Antonio de Padua Parish, Los Banos, so it’s super easy to find her.

We chose a mix of imported roses, mums, some variant of lilies, and those miniscule flower buds — all in shades of coral, for the bouquets. For the reception and church setup, we chose white calla lilies. Aling Aning was so kind to give us a discount because we’ve known her for quite some time.




Food and Wedding Cake

My favorite part of any wedding! This was where we got stuck because it’s so hard to find an affordable caterer, especially when you’re in the Metro and the caterer is in the province. Thankfully, we found Ms. Nancy Chumacera of San Pablo Welcome Catering Services. This woman made our lives so much easier because she was warm, very accommodating, and super kind.

I’m sorry I have no pictures of the actual food, being that we actually had no official photographer, save for Mario’s brother who volunteered — and we were all busy eating. Mehehe. Okay, we had lechon, salmon in lemon butter sauce, chili shrimp, pasta puttanesca, roast beef with white sauce and fresh mushrooms, chicken cacciatore, citrus panna cotta, and calamansi juice. I am salivating right now~~ Everything was delicious — I especially liked the roast beef and the salmon!

Can you guess where we bought our wedding cake? Yes? No? Well, it’s Los Banos, and when you say cake, only one shop comes to mind — Mer-nel’s Bakeshop! Like Aling Aning’s, I have known this shop since I was little. My birthday cakes were from here, the cake when I debuted was also made here, so I thought it’s apt to buy our wedding cake here as well.

Our cake actually had three different colored/flavored layers within – strawberry, vanilla and mango. The combination of all three, we thought, was spot on for our summer wedding. We didn’t want a big cake, we just want something small, tasty, and simply beautiful, and Mer-nel’s did not disappoint.




As Sanji’s christening souvenir, my little sister gifted us with a photo booth. Me and You Printhaus have very affordable rates, plus the package already includes a themed banner which you get to take home. Of course we chose the One Piece theme because that’s where Sanji’s name came from. They have all these super fun and quirky props — Mario’s mom kept getting in line for her pictures to be taken — she enjoyed it THAT much!





Ahh, we’re done! Up until now, almost two months after the wedding, Mario and I are still in awe at how we did it with such a tight budget. Usually, when you Google average wedding costs in the Philippines, the amount would reach up to half a million. But we managed to tame down the wedding costs at around one-fifth of that “average”. So here’s the lesson: If you want to get married, do it! It doesn’t have to be expensive — you just have to be creative.

That’s it for part two of #TheBabs2015 series — stay tuned for the third part, which will be about our DIY souvenir, groomsmen’s boutonnieres, flower girl topiary, table numbers, and date jar.

If you have any more questions, just drop me a message and I’ll try my very best to help you. 🙂


6 thoughts on “#TheBabs2015: Wedding Sources

  1. Grabeeeee 9000 for your gown etc! That’s a steal! And those flowers are beautiful.

    I always worry about getting married because I want a mid-size wedding with a party and DJs etc etc BUT MONEY HUHU.

    • It is!! Plus the material, handiwork, etc are beautiful despite the low price. I had the same worries before especially after Googling wedding prices. But you and Joey can do it!!

  2. This post inspired me to write about my wedding prep! Haha. I had such a small wedding, tipong wala pa ngang pastor and entourage but it was beautiful! Ang tyaga niyo grabe! DIY weddings are awesome! Your gown looks so beautiful!

    • Please do!! Actually, isa ka sa inspiration for the DIY wedding — even made my own flower headband but never got to use it because no time for wardrobe change!

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