Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 2


Awww yeah it’s Friday and it’s a holiday here in the Philippines! That alone makes me happy. But here are other things that made me crack out a smile (or a laugh) this week:

  • Mom grew spinach and basil on our front area (I don’t know what to call it). Now our house looks like a bit like home. I’m looking forward to cooking with these fresh ingredients!
  • Sanji being incredibly chubby (bilog na bilog na bilog!), plus the fact that he can walk around his crib already!
  • Oddly, less stress at work this week. I say oddly because one of the biggest telecommunications network and our company had an activity this week, but we managed to stay chill and oh so calm.
  • Beef salpicao with mushrooms c/o my boss. He has this lunch pack business, and he and his wife serve the best meat dishes!
  • Watching Jurassic World with my mom, sisters and Mario. We haven’t watched a movie in a cinema since Sanji was born!
  • Master Chef finally rolls out its 6th season. I was a bit sad that Joe’s not there, but that Christina girl definitely has a Joe-ish sharp tongue. I’m rooting for Shelly!
  • This game called Lumosity. It’s made to train your brain, so it’s full of puzzle-like games — I LOVE puzzles!
  • Managing to stay on my ban despite the super hectic week last week. I’m aiming to keep the thriftyness long after my ban has been lifted.
  • Finally finishing a scarf and continuing on my sweater project. I’m excited to wear ’em to the office!
  • Finally learning how to do a decent cat eye! I have been dying to try the look but my incredibly noob and shaky hands just messes up my makeup. So I practiced, and practiced and practiced!

That’s it for this week’s installment. Hope you are all having a wonderful week as well. And if you’re not, well, lemme give ya a hug!


4 thoughts on “Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 2

  1. Yay for learning how to do winged liner! I use an angled brush for potted gel liner and then a slanted sponge tip if I’m using a pencil.

    I love MasterChef, too. As long as Gordon is there, I’m ok!

    • I’m going to try that angled brush technique. I’m having a hard time using the brush tip because it runs out of ink -.-

      • What eyeliner do you use?

        I have one from Tony Moly (not so good but does the trick and doesn’t smudge as much) and an angled tip brush from Nature Republic. I love Avon glimmerstick yata for pencil gel liner naman. It stays put!

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