The Sunday Currently | 5


Still, Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff + Unbearable Lightness of Being.

I’ve also been taking notes from several platform specs and API documents because clients want to roll something new for Q3. Halp!

Notes. And a book for my two best gals, a compilation of things that I wrote when I can still write… kind of.

To Sanji’s lullaby tunes c/o his elephant sound thingy that mom bought him when he was a new born. He’s sleeping on my chest as I write this

About the upcoming busy days at work, which includes an all-nighter for our database migration.

Sometimes I wish I have the option to be a stay at home mom.

Bath products. I’m now in our bathroom to clean my face etc. This is now my sanctuary, my favorite place in the house – it’s where I get to have some quiet, think and be on my own. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always fun being with Sanji, but it can be definitely tiring.

For better opportunities.

For a kinder heart. The way I see it, you can go on life being the bigger bitch (I’ve been down that path), or you can just be nice. I’m currently trying the latter, and so far, it has yielded good things.

Men’s boxer shorts and Aeropostale sleeveless grey shirt with the peace sign on front.

A house of our own. Or a car. Genie, grant this!

To stop sweating the small stuff. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the future that I panic and just choke.

Today’s sunset. We had dinner at my friend’s house — nothing fancy, just rice cooker pasta and soda. But we ate on their condo’s rooftop while the sun sets. And it was the best moment of this week. Reminds me how little I am and how little my problems are.

Relaxed and refreshed and ready for another week at work! Aja!


4 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently | 5

  1. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a working mom, especially when your baby is so young! Must suck to be away from him every day. Hoping you get opportunities in the future that will allow you to be a SAHM. 🙂

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