Things I Know To Be True | 1


Well hey! I was going through my posts and I realized that, aside from my being a mom, a platform developer, and a makeup noob, you guys know nothing about me *cue Ygritte accent*, and I think it’s about time that we conduct a little acquaintance party right here!

Sarah Kay once said in her TEDx performance that everyone has their own truths — it doesn’t even have to be factual — and that those truths can be used to tell their own stories. Hear me out in my little story telling session.

I know that…

The cure for a broken soul is salt — tears, sea water, and sweat. That’s why whenever I hit a crisis, I either cry my eyes out, go to the beach, or start an exercise routine. Works most of the time.

Memory is a very fickle thing. I always have a pen and a paper in my bag, just in case my phone is dead, so I can write important details.

That being said, I also know that memory is selective. When my dad died, I was so afraid that I’d forget him, lose the idea of him. I also thought that I’ll never forget my first love. Today, dad’s smile and laugh and voice is still as vivid as when he was alive; the boy who gave me a glimpse of love has already faded into oblivion.

Me and words, we have an affinity. When I was eight, I used to sell stories to my parents (PhP 5 per page). They kept buying my pages, so I kept on writing. Whenever I ran out of ideas, I’d stop and refill my word tank by reading lots of books. Ay, I get giddy just by the thought of reading. As Sanji grows up, I hope to impart this love for words. Because it has gotten me through a lot of trying times.

Four truths should be enough for now — but you should know that I loved writing those four things! I plan to make this a weekly, just so we can get to know more about each other.

‘Til next week!


4 thoughts on “Things I Know To Be True | 1

  1. Hello! I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks but I haven’t been reading a lot. This post changed all that. I just wanted to say that your writing is beautiful 🙂

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