What I Paired with My Rusty Lopez Boots


A few weeks back, le husband and I went on a 13th month pay mini shopping. It was my idea of course (he he). I was originally on a quest for sandals, but nothing would fit my super thin and long feet. And then I found this pair, fell in love with it, and tried it on with different outfits. Here’s what I’ve paired with it, so far:

imageShorts from Aeropostale, lacy top from my little sister’s closet, watch from Timex

Of course, my automatic outfit for anything non-work — shorts! We were going out for grocery shopping that day, and that entails a lot of walking and some lifting (we’re feeding a household of six people).

I chose the coral top to balance out the ruggedness of the look — ripped shorts AND boots were a bit too extreme for me. We roamed the mall and the grocery for about 2 hours and my feet didn’t ache one bit. I loved the added padding c/o the rubber soles on it.

imageMini skirt from Forever 21, sleeveless high-low from The Ramp, bag from Girbaud

I decided to do a twist on my usual skirt-top pairing for meetings. One of my co-workers said that I “looked like an anime” LOL. This look was a little on the serious side with the black-with-printed-black-on-white, but then again, most of the things in my closet were either black or white.

The skirt was a bit tight, though. And that’s okay on normal occasions where I’d wear it with flats or sandals. But with these comfortable boots, and my tendency to walk like a man when wearing comfortable footwear, I had a bit of a hard time with the combination. But that’s just me.

imageDress from a bazaar, vest from SM Department Store

Of the three, this was my favorite! Recently, I’ve grown a fondness for dresses because it’s easy to wear, plus it kind of tones down the intense heat c/o our Mother Nature (I don’t blame her, we’ve done very bad things to her bodeh, but man, this summer’s heat is deadly!!!)

I loved this because the look is not over the top (i.e. not anime-ish), not too relaxed (because I do have to look like I’m not at home), but still has this edge.

There you have it — three different looks with my Rusty Lopez boots. They’re available at SM Department Stores or any Rusty Lopez shops. I got mine at a 10% discount because it was the “Great Mid-Year Sale”.

I believe this kind is called Moto Boots — which are usually made of leather, but mine’s made of denim-ish fabric. The soles and the toes are made of rubber. You can actually fold half of the boot body (?) to make it ankle-high. But I chose not to, because opened up, Rusty here makes my ankles look wider than they really are — which is good, because my ankles are too thin — I call them thin-kles (me he he).

I tried to wear these with jeans or leggings, but it’s just too warm for me. What I really liked about this pair is that I didn’t have to break them in. I’d usually have scars about my feet because of New Shoes Syndrome, but with these, my feet were pain-free so yoohoo!

Three questions: What do you think about the looks? Which one is your favorite? What do you usually pair with your boots?


5 thoughts on “What I Paired with My Rusty Lopez Boots

  1. The second look is my favorite!

    I usually wear my boots with shorts and dresses and this reminds me that I need to get my black leather boots resoled since it’s the rainy season na.

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