image “Your future husband will be yay tall,” levels hand at 3-foot mark, “and you’d have to bend down when you kiss him,” teases my mom before blurting out an evil laugh.

“How tall are you?” questions. I’ve been asked this so many times, but the most awkward moment was when a grandma asked me and I didn’t know how tall I was so I just blurted out “4 something?” But the answer for this is 5’6″. Sometimes the height thingy pegs me at 5’7″, but let’s just settle on the average.

Always being seated at the last row and/or column in class. You know the drill — the teacher asks everyone to line up, and then assigns them to their seats. Most of the time, I get sent to sit in Antartica, a.k.a farthest corner of the classroom. This was especially hard for me because I have very poor eyesight. I usually sit on the floor, by the teacher’s table, just to be able to copy something from the board.

“You’re so tall! I bet you play basketball!” I’m sad to say that I don’t, because I have zero hand-eye coordination. Also, not all basketball players have to be tall, and not all tall players are good.

Towering over a crush / boyfriend / date. And feeling like the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk. Fee fi fo fum! Let’s be real, the average height of Filipino men hover around 5’4″ to 5’6″. Buuut I’m glad to report that I escaped the Curse of the Half Man (Hi Mario he he).

Short dresses become super short, peek-up-my-butt dresses. This is frustrating because I see the dress on a mannequin, I like the style so I try it on, and get disappointed because the shortness of the dress is not commute-friendly. This also applies to rompers — #HelloCamelToe.

Being the default mechanic of the house because I can reach stuff. To be fair, we didn’t have a man in our house since my dad died, and not until I got married. So when we were younger, my mom would have me install a wall fan, replace a light bulb, clean out the topmost shelves or clean our car. It’s good that I kind of learned how to do all that, but sometimes, when you’re sleeping soundly on a Saturday morning and you get woken up to do mechanic stuff, it gets pretty irritating.

Not being able to wear heels. At least not without feeling fee fi fo fum! I once wore 2-inch heels at the office and everyone was looking up and saying “Whoa! Tall person!”

Running my head into things. Low ceiling in my mom’s basement. Or a banner sign that’s hoisted up along the sidewalk. Or the side of No Parking / Loading and Unloading sign (I had my forehead bruised because of that). Or that lamp that’s hanging over our dining table. I’ll admit that sometimes my clutziness is a factor he he.

Trying to get at least 50% body covered by a towel Also, trying to snuggle under a square normal-sized blanket, without having my feet peeking out. Huuu~

I’m not really complaining because being tall also has its pros. I just get used to be teased A LOT (7-Footer, Big Foot, etc) when I was growing up and that kind of stuck to me. But I’m over it. I used to want to be smaller for the silliest reasons (read: boys seem to like tiny little girls most LOL). But I learned that it’s not really about your physical appearance (most of the time), but your personality. Plus, not everyone gets to literally stand out.

It’s just a matter of loving the skin that you’re in, whatever size, color, and texture it is! So LOVE YO SELF!

Do you have any other #TallGirlProblems or even #SmallGirlProblems to add?


4 thoughts on “#TallGirlProblems

  1. I wish I were taller! I’m 5’2″, an extra inch and I’ll be VERY VERY HAPPY haha.

    I have a friend who is 5’11” and it’s so cute when she pats our shorter friends on their heads. One time, we were walking and random kids went up to her to ask about her height and if she plays basketball. She’s so used to it already lol.

  2. OMG I super relate to this!!! I’m 5’6″ tall too. I hate it that I bump my head whenever riding/alighting from a jeep/tricycle and I can’t wear heels unless I’m with my sister and cousins (because we’re all tall). I’m also 1.5-inch taller than my beau 😦

    • Buti nga your sisters are tall too! My sisters are small, like my mom. I inherited my height from my dad. But since he passed, I’m the only tall one #Ampon lol. But hey, 1.5 inch height difference ain’t bad! 🙂

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