Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 5

imageFriday’s 10 Happy Things is a blog link-up by Helga. Here, we list the things that made us smile (or even laugh).

We lost Sanji’s yaya this week because she had to go home to her own children. If you’re a mom or a home maker, you’d know how tough it is to find good household help, let alone a good nanny. But iz okay, because I get to spend more time with ze litol cutie!

  • Accomplishing tasks as work. We’re building a platform and I got to do it in Python. Which I absolutely LOVE using. I’m new to it, so each day is like a geeky coding treasure hunt.
  • Impromptu date with le husband. Nothing fancy, just a quick snack of an assortment of breads at Kumori bakery plus a shared Gong Cha iced black tea. To be honest, I love these unplanned dates more than the planned ones because we get along better (a.k.a no fighting over where to eat he he)
  • Taking one day off from work to babysit Sanji. That day was the highlight of my week because we got to play, watch (Peppa Pig is his favorite nowadays), and eat! We rolled around our bed, and got lots of tickle time and peek-a-boos.
  • Mom’s cooking. OH GOD veggies in cream sauce with quail eggs, chicken porridge, fish sticks! She cooked molo soup today, my (and dad’s) absolute favorite soup dish. I can eat a potful in one sitting.
  • Claiming my winnings from The Body Shop x The Misty Mom #RemoveYourMakeupMovement. I may do a run through of the stuff for that if I have the time.
  • Celebrating our little man’s 11th month yesterday. He liked the cheese cake from Kumori so much, that he ate half of my share. That kid has a large appetite.
  • Swatching and shooting lipsticks for my next lipstick arsenal post. It’s kind of nice to not think about programming, even for a little while.
  • Book conversations with a co-worker. It’s very rare that I get to have these talks, because people sometimes get weirded out. She introduced me to JJ Abrams’ multi-fiction layered book called S, and I introduced her to Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel, Neverwhere. Good talk.
  • I finally changed my bank account name to my married name. I feel like a legit wife now because I now have two valid ID’s with my married name on it, plus a bank account. If anyone of you just got married. I recommend getting your updated company ID and Pag-ibig ID first. Postal ID is the easiest to get, but you’d have to take a day or two off from work. I had mine processed by the company’s messenger (thanks kuya Pete!)
  • Sanji being more makulit and malikot. He babbles a lot too! When he doesn’t like something he’d blurt out a “Aaaahhhyyy” and when I’d say buh-bye, he’d scream “Mama!”. My wanting to be a stay at home mom grows more and more each day.

That’s all folks! I hope you had a wonderful week with your loved ones!


7 thoughts on “Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 5

  1. Yay for babysitting! A lot of my friends get weirded out whenever I blurt out I want a baby and I know it’s a whole lot different if it’s your own baby but huhu I just get really excited to interact with little tykes! ❀

  2. Neverwhere is one of my favorite books. <333

    HOW WAS KUMORI! We might work with them but I haven't been in Landmark/SM Makati so I haven't tried their stuff! I want cheesecake now.

    • It’s sooo yummeh! But then again, I like most breads ha ha. Their cheese cake was so creamy and the right serving size so di nakakaumay. They also have this salmon flakes thing, which was a bit salty, but is nice salty-sweet when paired with their cheesecake. Go! πŸ™‚

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