The Sunday Currently | 6


Still Unbearable Lightness of Being + Flask-HTTPAuth and Python documentations + Sanji’s favorite book, That’s Not My Puppy.

Just this post, for now. Our grocery list, a while ago. And code for our platform, later.

To my mom and our household help talking to each other. Most days, I find comfort in their voices because I don’t feel alone. It also means that I have help around.

About work. And Sanji’s upcoming first birthday celebration (yey!). And about how tired I am right now. And also, how I should stop feeling tired, because I still have a zillion things to do.

Fresh laundry. Ahhh, my favorite smell.

For another pair of hands, and another brain as well, I suppose. Ha ha

That everything we have planned for our future will push through. I ain’t wishing because the term “wish” kind of implies that you’re not doing anything to achieve that thing, and we’re working our asses off. So yes, I’m hoping.

Women’s boxers and Aeropostale sleevless top, which I was also wearing on my last currently ha ha

More time and money because we seem to always run out of those two.

To find a new job. I love my current job, I do. But the pay is terrible. Okay, not terrible — but it’s not working for our family anymore. Pretty soon, Sanji will have to go to school and we all know that pre-school ain’t cheap.

Also: to dig myself up from the wallowing and self-pitying. And take a bath so mom and I could go to the grocery already.

Life, still. Earlier I was so tired from cooking all the food for lunch. And when Sanji sat down to eat and started babbling “nyam nyam” and “tsap tsap” whenever I spoon him food, well, that takes all the tiredness away. I’d do anything for him because he takes my pain away.

Also: our new bedroom setup c/o my husband. He took our mattress down from the bed frame, and onto the floor, and rearranged some of our cabinets. The room literally widened and brightened up.

Still pretty lucky, despite the lack of money, of sleep, of fun adult things (a.k.a getting sloshed, or going on impromptu trips) and of time. We’ve grown into people that someone can be proud of — and that’s accomplishing more than what I’ve dreamt of.


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