Eleven Things


— reminders, some for my (younger) self,  but mostly for my son.

  1. Do not let the world take out the good in you. Let’s face it, no matter how good you are, life will fuck you over. Accept the fact that the world is, and will never be fair, but it’s so much better (but definitely not easier) to live in it with a kind soul.
  2. Find joy in little things. Stop and smell the flowers. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The cliches are cliches because they possess some truth in them.
  3. Write – on little post-it notes, on the margins of your books, on tissue paper. Write about everything – the things that make you smile, your heartbreak, your favorite color, a poem, your grocery list casted as characters in a tragedy. Write, because memories are very fragile things.
  4. Be kind to yourself. Love your love handles. And I know that it’s hard to actually do it, especially when you see skinny girls and muscled-up boys strutting in every commercial that’s on the telly, but please fight to do it. Love yourself so much that you allow you to be flawed.
  5. Never let appearances fool you. In every aspect in your life, make sure you uncover the covers and unmask the masks. Because most of the time, facades are what they really are: something that hides the internal. Before you lay judgment on anyone, delve into a depth that’s more than skin deep.
  6. Remember that you deserve to be loved. You are different from others but it doesn’t mean that you deserve anything less.
  7. Strive to know what you want in life. Would you want to be a painter, a writer, a doctor or a concert pianist? The sooner you set your goals, the earlier you can work on achieving them.
  8. That being said, do not rush into things. It’s like the elevator anecdote: pressing the button won’t make the elevator go faster. Some things are worth the wait.
  9. Respect every life on this planet. And I mean every. single. life. It doesn’t matter if that life is living on the streets or wearing a skirt or is a little furry animal — respect it.
  10. There will be days when you’d want to give up. When you feel alone, rejected, and worthless. But you must know that those days — everyone experiences them. You are not alone. So don’t do it, thinking that no one understands you, thinking that you are not loved. Because you are loved. From the get-go, you are loved. I mean, do you even know how many kisses your hands and feet and bruises have received? Thousands, no, millions — roughly the same amount of stars in the sky. You are someone’s galaxy. So don’t give up.
  11. Open your eyes to new possibilities. Wreck the box that limits you. Remove the shackles that bind you. The world is laid out for you, tread on it with happiness, wonder and gratitude.

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