Life Lately


I didn’t fall off the edge of the Earth, in case you’re wondering. The past weeks have just been really eventful, in a tumultous kind of way. I guess that’s just how it is?

If I have to sum up the past events, I’d say that it’s a showcase of life’s life.


Sanji got hospitalized due to airborne gastroenteritis. I know, it sounds like something out of a movie, but it’s simply a stomach bug. But as simple as his condition was, the feeling when your child is in pain was just heartbreaking. It’s good to say that Sanji was not traumatized by the experience and has regained the lost weight.

He has also been very, very, very fond of Peppa Pig. To the point that he sleeps holding his Daddy Pig stuffed toy’s hand.


After a long while, our team at work went out for lunch. We lost three members in a span of two weeks so we kind of needed this little bit of breather.

We have been spending a lot of hours for our platform — sometimes I work on weekends, other times I go to work really early just to be able to roll out a backend feature. It was tiring and nerve-wracking (especially during the demo), but it’s nice to hear a “Good job” and “This is perfect” at the end of the day.

Maybe this will keep me from resignation thoughts? We’ll see.



My love affair with words had a rekindling. I don’t know why, but whenever I’m in a rut, I always turn to words. They make me happy (or at the least, non-grouchy and approachable). Paper Planes Back Home was a good, light book — I finished it within three hours of touching it. And I keep reading the 52 Most Beautiful Sentences in Literature.


I kind of got the hang of my daily makeup routine. Eyeliners have been my weakness. But ever since I learned to two-hand my eyeliner application, my prep time decreased to 10-20 minutes (which made Mario vv happy). I’m also confident enough to try different things. Like this ombre “lip art”, and putting nude beige shimmery eyeliner on my inner corners.

To be honest, the thought of making my face up is one of the things that get me excited to wake up early. He he


The idea of being a full-time housewife gets more and more appealing to me. I understand that being a SATM is not just about (grocery) shopping and lounging in bed with Sanji all day. It entails bathroom cleaning and housekeeping — things that I know how to do, but am not exactly fond of (especially sweeping the floors eek). I hope we find a resolution to this by the end of the year.




We celebrated Sanji’s first year! The original plan was to have a Jollikiddie party, which I know is so cliche. But we realized that the food wasn’t worth it. So we regrouped and planned a house party instead. We shopped for decors and giveaways at Divisoria and Puregold. It definitely wasn’t easy, but thanks to my mom and our helpers, we pulled through!

And no, we didn’t magically spawn a girl child during my hiatus of some sorts. That’s our neighbor who’s very fond of Sanji’s chubby legs.


Right before Sanji’s birthday (literally, the day before his birthday), my lola died. It still hurts that I didn’t get to visit her for the last time.

Lola, you know how much I love you.


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