What’s In My Makeup Bag


When I was younger, I used to detest any form of primping. Part of the reason was because I didn’t think that I’m pretty enough to primp — which really is a laughable reason. Looking back into it, I think I was simply afraid to accept my flaws and whatever image I see in the mirror.

I’ve learned to overcome my fear of being flawed, although it took me quite some years and a lot of ugly-crying to do so.

The contents of my makeup bag varied throughout the years, of course. Back in 2009, it only contained a compact powder with mirror, a comb, and a tinted lip balm. This year’s makeup bag hasn’t changed much — a bit more contents that are more tailored to my needs.

Evian Face Mist
This came in really handy during this year’s scorching summer. I swear my face felt like it’s going to explode. I don’t quite use this as much now, but I always bring this along when I want to freshen up before a meeting.

Happy Skin Lip and Cheek Mousse in My Guilty Pleasure
I make it a point to bring this anywhere, especially on long travels, because with just a few dabs on the cheeks and lips, I manage to look like I didn’t just woke up from a three-hour bus ride.

Quick FX No Shine Mattifier
Oily-skinned people’s best friend! I substitute this with foundation or face powder because it’s portable and very easy to apply. It doesn’t hurt that one pack only costs around PhP 85++.

Max Factor lip gloss
I’m not particularly fond of the just-delved-my-mouth-into-grease look that glosses give. But I am a fan of plumping up the lips by glossing the top-center and top-bottom lip areas. So I bring this with me.

Nature Republic hand cream in green tea
This, I really love because of the relaxing smell. Also, when I’m stressed out, I whip this out and give myself a hand massage — instant pick-me-upper!

Snoe Bedside Beso Balm
I’ve already said in my July skincare routine that I can’t live without this. It’s minty, it moisturizes my matte lipstick-loving lips, and it’s easy on the wallet at PhP 299.

Goody hair elastics + hair pins
I bring a lot of the hair elastics because I tend to lose them all. It comes in really handy when I’m in work / thinking mode.

Green Cross Alcohol (not in picture)
Because germs and people. I like this brand because it doesn’t smell hospital-ly.

Gatsby Oil Blotting sheets (also not in picture)
The most effective blotting sheets in the market, so far. I’ve tried all other brands but they don’t seem to really get shine off my face.

Compact Double-Side mirror (also not in picture)
I bring this more for when my contact lenses get dislocated than for actual makeup application.

I don’t really bring any foundation or blush or brush with me because I like to get my face on at home. Some days I’ll bring the lipstick that I used during my morning prep. But that’s about it.

And yes, I don’t bring a comb.

What are your makeup bag staples? And how did you deal with the idea of primping when you were growing up?

Let me know your thoughts! 🙂


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