On the Lookout: Online Beauty Stores

imageOn the Lookout is a tag in my blog, as well as a mini research / undercover cop project, which documents my newbie adventures and enlightenment in the beauty world.

Lately I haven’t had the time to pass by department stores because a) we spend copious amounts of hours on our big project at work and b) I don’t have the energy to physically browse through kiosk after kiosk. But I have needs — makeup needs, which to be honest, are what keeps me together nowadays. And thank God and the numerous programmers and architects for the technology that allows us to shop online.

I was apprehensive at first because of a couple of reasons:

  • Unlike in physical stores, I can’t swatch and try the products before purchasing them, and I’m not also guaranteed of the authenticity. Yes, there’s the 30-day return policies, but some stores don’t allow it because of sanitary issues.
  • Security issues. I’m not a fan of bank deposits because of the long lines, so I usually just use my Paypal account. It kind of helps that I’m a web developer so I know what to be wary of, in terms of snooping, etc.

Having said that, here are three online stores from which I have purchased from, and my reviews on their service and product quality.

Beauty Shop PH

Image from Beauty Shop PH's Facebook page

Image from Beauty Shop PH’s Facebook page

Website: www.beautyshopph.com

What I purchased from them: Makeup Revolution 12-shade Palette in Iconic 1 (PhP 450), Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Ibiza (PhP 300), Acrylic Makeup Organizer (PhP 350)

Shipping: Via JRS (PhP 105)


  • Item selection was a bit limited but still shoppable
  • Availability of the items on the website were not that dependable, but the sellers were accommodating enough to offer you replacement products with swatches
  • Nyx SMLC is authentic
  • Fast shipping
  • There are a lot of payment options


  • I received my MUR palette with etched scratches on the cover, which makes me question the authenticity of that product. They brushed off the etching / scratching as a side-effect of shipment, but I don’t believe it because the palette was triple-bubble-wrapped. The palette cover was a bit flimsy — kind of like a palette that I once purchased from Divisoria — so my suspicion continues. I did ask if they’re selling authentic products and they say that all items are legit. Can’t really get an estimate price of MUR palettes because they’re not that common.
  • Expensive shipping fee.
  • No return policy.

Verdict: This was the first online shop that I tried after a Google search so I was still a bit noob-y. It was an okay experience, but I found that their items are a bit overpriced. I did get a discount on my next purchase because of the scratched MUR palette, but repurchasing from them is still in question.

Rating: 3.5 / 5



Image from Keekay's Facebook page

Image from Keekay’s Facebook page

Website: www.keekay.ph

What I purchased from them: Jordana Creamy Liquid Foundation in Warm Beige (PhP 290), Nyx Matte Lipstick in Aria (PhP 355)

Shipping: Via Margaux (PhP 90), but I purchased via their July 31 free shipping coupon code


  • Wide variety of item selection that includes US and UK brands
  • Availability of the items on the website are dependable
  • Nyx ML is authentic; can’t really compare the Jordana foundation because it’s not available locally but it looks legit as per Google searches
  • There are a lot of payment options
  • Implements a 30-day return policy and free shipping for order above PhP 1,500
  • Open for customer reviews for the products and offers free shipping coupon code for each review


  • Shipping is suuuuppper slow — it took five working days before I received my order
  • Sellers are not very accommodating, and even bordered on being snooty when I demanded for the tracking number of my order after waiting for four days without updates
  • Items are really overpriced. Like, waaaaaay more overpriced that Beauty Shop PH’s

Verdict: Nope, I won’t shop here again. One of my pet peeves are snooty sellers. It’s not as if I haven’t paid for my items. The least thing they can do is play nice and give the customers an update on their purchases.

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Kering Keri

Image from Kering Keri's Facebook page

Image from Kering Keri’s Facebook page

Website: www.keringkeristore.com

What I purchased from them: Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in True Beige (PhP 350), LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in Timeless (PhP 250)

Shipping: Via Margaux (PhP 50)


  • Wide variety of item selection that includes US and UK brands
  • Availability of the items on the website are dependable
  • I can’t really compare my purchases because they’re not available locally, but as per Google image searches, they’re legit
  • There are a lot of payment options
  • Implements a 30-day return policy and free shipping for orders above PhP 3,000
  • Sellers were beyond accommodating. See, they shipped the wrong shade of the foundation and they went out of their way to deliver the right shade to me, without any hassle on my end.
  • Shipping is super fast — it took two days for my orders to be delivered, and only one day to swap the mismatched foundation
  • Items are mid-priced


  • Confusing and distracting website

Verdict: I’d definitely shop here again. The sellers know how to handle shipping mishaps and know how to really talk to customers. A definite example of not judging the book by its cover / website because this little shop really delivers.

Rating: 4.5 / 5


Out of the three, I recommend Kering Keri store because they really know how to sell and they care about their customer. Maybe it’s too much to say that I’d take any botched palette over polished ones given that I’m treated properly — but that’s how much I value people’s niceness.

A few more tips on online shopping:

  • Research, research, research! This is not new but I would just like to remind you.
  • As much as possible, avoid inputting your credit card numbers in any form field. Use an intermediary like Paypal or DragonPay to somehow increase security. Also, when paying stuff online, make sure you’re using a secure connection.
  • Do not be afraid to talk to the sellers. When baffled on which shade of foundation to get, it really helps to ask someone who can show you swatches of the product(s).
  • Test the waters before you dive in it. And what I mean by this is do not purchase everything in your wishlist in one go. Get to know the shop first before you put all your money out.

That’s about it for my “looking around”. I honestly felt like an undercover cop while I was researching and checking out the items he he. I do hope you learned something from this. I’ll see you around! 🙂


2 thoughts on “On the Lookout: Online Beauty Stores

  1. Try makeupinboxph.com. They offer really really affordable drugstore products and if the products that you want are not available on their website, you can message the owner for a quote. Super mura lang talaga, nakakaloka! I’ve purchased from them a few times and the shipping is really fast and you don’t have to wait super long for your order to get here in the PH. Also, I recommend @nicolettemakeup on IG for high-end products. She’s really nice and the products are not over-priced 🙂

    • I have already pre-ordered se items from her. Grabe almost half price ng Nyx compared with physical stores!!!

      Thanks for the reco, will browse through her products after I have received all my orders — papatayin na ako ni Mario :))

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