Four Favorite Beauty Vloggers


One of the best side-effects of technology is that people are never helpless. You have Google, Youtube, and even Facebook! Learning is made easier, and that helps a lot especially when you’re a newbie.

The first thing that I Google-d when I started on makeup? “How to shape your brows”, “Best brow shape for oval face” — I was all about the brows at first. And then I wanted to learn how to cat-eye, and then put on eyeshadow, and then blur pores instantly. I wanted to know everything I can and test my limits.

These four beauty Youtubers really helped me, unbeknownst to them, to get better in putting on makeup. It sounds cheesy, but I am forever thankful.

Michelle Phan (michellephan)


The first beauty video that I ever watched was from her! I remember reading all about her from Corinth. When I noticed that we kind of have the same eyes, I was hooked. I don’t watch her as much now (because I have a new love), but she jump-started everything.


Judy Travis (itsjudytime)


Judy is a recent discovery because I was looking for reviews for LA Girl Pigment Gloss. I like her because she’s also a mom (to three girls!), and she incorporates that in her beauty reviews.


Wayne Goss (gossmakeupartist)


When I first passed by his video, I was a surprised because he’s as man as a man can be, yet he does makeup reaaalllyyy well. He can be a snob at times (like in one of his eyebrow video, saying that people are doing it all wrong), but his technique works. Case in point: his how to blur pores instantly tutorial, which I have already mentioned in my Bobbi Brown BB Cream review.


Bailey Van Der Veen (baileybeautyxo)


OMG Bailey! I seriously love her! I was looking for Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream swatches when I chanced upon her full line swatch, and I have loved her since then. I have slept and worked and ate to the sound of her videos, and I do my makeup while watching her, to “channel Bailey”. She is seriously so naturally talented ❤

Youtubers that I occasionally watch:
Kathleen Fuentes (kathleenlights)
Emily Fox (beautywithemilie)


Do share your favorite beauty vloggers as well, I’d love to add them on my subscription list! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Four Favorite Beauty Vloggers

  1. Same here, Michelle Phan planted the seed and now, I’ve branched out, A LOT! Haha. I just find her makeup looks too playful that I can’t really use them in my life. HAHA. Some of my favorites that you haven’t mentioned here yet are Jaclyn Hill (OMG you should follow here!), Mirellabellebeauty, and Desiperkins or Lustrelux. 🙂 Pero I SUPER LOVE KATHLEENLIGHTS! Ang haba lang minsan ng videos niya talaga.

    • I really admire Michelle Phan’s creativity — ang galing nya magbago ng itsura!! OMG Jaclyn Hill!!! I love her too nakalimutan ko imention kasi new discovery :)) Super cute nila bg husband nya sa husband does makeup tag! Will watch your recos 🙂 Yuuuuh, I watch her when I want to hear chatty videos mehehhe.

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