Five Effective Work at Home Habits


Let’s take a break from beauty blogging, shall we? :p

I recently got a sideline as a freelance writer, so I have started working at home on weekends (sometimes even on weekdays, after office hours). At first I had no trouble focusing because of the excitement from doing something that’s not as mentally exhausting as being a platform developer. But then, like most jobs, the excitement wore off and I found myself grasping at words just so I can meet my deadline for a keyword article. It doesn’t help that my 12-month old son is being so adorable and bubbly, that I always get tempted at the idea of just lounging in bed and playing with him.

Over the past month, here are a few tricks that have worked and helped me do my job without agitating me:

Delegate a work area
Avoid working in your bedroom, because the odds are, you’ll be tempted to 1) procrastinate and/or 2) sleep. What I do is I setup our machine (laptop, laptop stand/cooler, keyboard, etc) on our dining table and work there. It’s pretty effective for me because I don’t see temptations/distractions a.k.a. the bed, or our closet which I obsess over by cleaning. When it’s time to eat, or do non-work stuff, walk away from that area. Setting boundaries can help you focus on the right task.

Dress up
Put on your shoes or some makeup or your favorite office shirt — anything that helps you ease into that work mode mindset. Wearing my mom’s watch, and my wedding ring helps me go into “the zone” because I rarely wear those at home. Most of the time, looking the part helps you execute whatever it is that you have to do.

Plan your day
List the things that you have to do that day. Do you need to go to the bank? Make sure you remember that bank hours are from 8 AM ย to 3 PM only. That kind of thing. I’m very good with this because I’m very OC with my daily schedule. But if you’re not into rigid scheduling, at least have a rough draft of your itinerary, just so you don’t miss out on doing something important.

Be aware of the time
Working at home is tricky because you don’t have an office hour. You don’t have co-workers who’ll urge you to go home already because you’re already home (doh). If your job requires to you work eight hours a day, then set your “in” and “out” time. If you don’t, you can end up mixing your house chores with your work tasks, and that’s a disaster. When I work at home, I usually just follow my normal office hours, which is 10 AM to 7 PM. I set alarms for when I have to cook and eat lunch, and when office hours are done. I’m pretty lucky because my son already knows his schedule and it coincides with mine.

Mix things up
This is the coolย part of working from home — you have a hold on how your day will go. Tired of your old work table at work? Drop by the local coffee shop and work from there. Just ensure that you have portable internet connection, if your job needs you to be online. This is actually a dream of mine because I want to be able to see my child grow. Like, literally see him everyday. #Sepanx is real, people.

That’s basically it! If you have other tricks on how to effectively work at home, do comment. I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing long weekend, and I hope this helps ease you into work beast mode. Thanks and ’til next time! ๐Ÿ™‚


6 thoughts on “Five Effective Work at Home Habits

  1. These are definitely helpful! I do freelance transcription and it’s so easy to get out of the zone and lose motivation because I’m at home and not in a workplace! Getting dressed ‘for the job’ and making a schedule definitely help a ton!

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