My Favourite Things | January


My Favourite Things is a blog link-up by Eireen and Raisa about well, our favourite things. It can be anything — a book, makeup stuff, food, places, gadgets, website, people — and it can be as few or as many as you’d like.

Meeehhn, I haven’t done this in ages. I checked, and my last entry for this series was for February of last year! 😮

Well, to be fair, 2015 was a year of extreme experimentation — I kept purchasing stuff and had barely enough time to really try it out and see if I liked it, because surprise — here’s another package for me! I did a little detox towards the end of the past year, had a little Marie Kondo moment, and promised to only keep things that “spark joy”.

So here I am, kicking off the year with a pledge to fully obliterate the hoard monster in me, and to have enough space and time to enjoy the things around me — things that are truly my favourites.

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