Lipstick Lab: A Shade Called Regina


Lipstick Lab is a gallery of the author’s lipstick mix discoveries. It’s a showcase, of some sort, for her love of math, colors, and lipstick

Since the start of the year, I’ve been constantly reaching for nude colors for my lips. Gone were the days where I’d sport a bold lip color… Maybe it’s age or maybe I’m just settling into what I think looks good on me :3

Today’s mix is called Regina because it’s dark and sultry and well, I’ve been watching reruns of Once Upon A Time and y’all know how I usually gravitate towards villains!

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Make: Origami Accordion Box


Guess who’s excited for her new work place? ME!

Too excited, in fact, that I prepared my work things and requirements two weeks before my first day. And then I saw a Craftingeek’s DIY video for this origami accordion box on Facebook and thought that it would make a bomb pencil holder. It’s foldable so I won’t seem to be too eager to settle in (which I obviously am LOL), and it’s a nifty work area staple.

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Lipstick Lab: A Shade Called Anna


Lipstick Lab is a gallery of the author’s lipstick mix discoveries. It’s a showcase, of some sort, for her love of math, colors, and lipstick

I’ve been on a blogging rut lately — I got busy with processing IDs and papers for my new work. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped experimenting with my lipsticks. Whenever I have the time, I squeeze in little shoots here and there.

I named this new shade Anna because of most of the Anna’s I know are soft-spoken and very lady-like — characteristics which perfectly describe this new baby.

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Make: Wrap-around Infant Boots


When I first found out that I’m pregnant, my first instinct (aside from check-ups and taking pre-natal vitamins) was to make baby clothes. I didn’t have much yarn stock back then, so I targeted for something that required less materials, but won’t take too long to make. There are A LOT of crochet patterns for babies, and most of them are free!

Now that the chilly weather is here again, I thought that it’s time to whip out my boot patterns. The little ones have to be in fashion too!

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Make: #TheBabs2015 Wedding Motifs


I know, I know — I am four months late into rolling out these mini tutorials on our wedding trinkets. But what can I do, a girl’s gotta work for a living… and beauty blog. Ha ha

Before I go into the instructions, may I just say that I think I finally figured out what to talk about here, in my blog. I know that I’m inclined to talk about beauty (and I think I can never really rub it off me; I think I won’t tire of it), but I also want to talk about making things and making things work. So I have plotted a schedule: Mondays are for Life Manual — anything that tackles fixing stuff and making stuff work for me (and hopefully for you as well), Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays are for Beauty — well, you know what this is about. Thursdays are for Make — tutorials about every single craft thing that I made, maybe even some recipes, and definitely mostly DIYs.

So are we good? Here we go: my DIY tutorials (of some sort) on flower topiaries, boutonnieres, a creative spin on a wedding guest book, and a quirky idea for a wedding souvenir.

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