Things I Know To Be True | 3


Sarah Kay once said that everyone has their own truths — it doesn’t even have to be factual — and that those truths can be used to tell their own stories. Hear me out in my little story telling session.

It’s almost always a connotation that when you become a parent, you lose time for yourself. You may even forget to wash your hair or eat lunch and you may have to pend your hobbies. But over the past year, I’ve come to realize that as much as parenthood is about unconditional love towards your child and partner, it’s not always an outward projection. It’s also about being attune to the creaks and rumbles of your body, understanding the root of your actions, forgiving your own mistakes and wholly embracing who you are. As my sister would put it: “If you can’t take care of yourself, how will you take care of others?”

Whatever it is that you parent — be it a child, an animal, even a plant — it’s nice to think that the whole experience of investing effort, time and emotion towards your child also helps you grow and nurture yourself.


Make: Wrap-around Infant Boots


When I first found out that I’m pregnant, my first instinct (aside from check-ups and taking pre-natal vitamins) was to make baby clothes. I didn’t have much yarn stock back then, so I targeted for something that required less materials, but won’t take too long to make. There are A LOT of crochet patterns for babies, and most of them are free!

Now that the chilly weather is here again, I thought that it’s time to whip out my boot patterns. The little ones have to be in fashion too!

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7 Things I Learned from being a Mom

The past weekend gave me a bit of (free) time to ponder on the recent changes in my life. In the past 15 months, I had not only became a wife and a home maker, but also (and more importantly), I became a mom. Now, I know that there’s essentially nothing new with a woman being a mom — women has been transitioning into this, way easily and without much word, for about a million years now. But see, the experience taught me so much, and, dare I say, made me feel more of a person, than any other experience. So here’s an attempt to document the lessons learned upon stepping into the difficult, sometimes fulfilling, but definitely wonderful world of motherhood.

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