Battle of: Korean Sun Screens


For the past two posts, I have been blabbing about pitting makeup and skincare products against each other for the ultimate beauty battle to lay out a comparison of sorts that will serve as a personal guide slash catalog. My ultimate goal is to seek, in every category, the product that works best for me, and parallel to that, writing insight on how these fare out with the Filipino skin. And since I have been going gaga over Korean skin care and sun protection, I thought, why not put my hoarding capabilities to good use he he.

First on the pit is A`pieu Pure Block Natural Sun Cream versus The Saem Eco Earth Power Light Sun Cream.

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Finish 5 by September | What I Used Up, What I Didn’t



About two months ago, I launched a challenge called the Finish 5 wherein I targeted to empty out five items from my skincare and makeup stash. As someone who has never (and I really mean never) finished anything beauty related plus my hoarding tendencies (beauty-related or not), this was something that I strived to be really conscious of on a daily basis.

I’m super excited to show you my trash my progress (sort of), so hop on in!

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My Current Skincare Routine


Never in a million years would I think that this lady would be slightly addicted to skin care. I used to be that girl who never had a single zit but also never had a daily/nightly regimen. My siblings call me lucky, but I guess time (and lack of care) has caught up with me. My main skin problems now are large pores, oily skin, eye bags, and uneven skin tone. And here’s my attempt at combating them.

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Finish 5 by September


I’ve recently discovered this life-changing (well, at least for me) thing in the Youtube beauty world — the anti-consumerism trend. I know, it sounds big, and serious, and very very unfun. But let’s face it, let’s voice it out there: while I really enjoy hauls and discovering new products, some of my purchases can be quite questionable, some of it are impulse buys, some are made with the intent to have back-ups in case I run out of say, a blush — which seriously, how fast can you go through a pan of blush? I recently rummaged through my beauty stash and realized that I have a lot of stuff. And mind you, my collection isn’t comparable to other bloggers, but to my (and my mom’s) standards, I HAVE A LOT. And it kind of makes me a bit sad because the stuff that’s sitting in my cabinet can actually already fund a short trip to the beach, or a really nice dinner in one of those new restaurants that I’ve always wanted to try.

In an attempt to be really be cautious of where I put my hard-earned money on, I’m starting a — this — beauty challenge, the Finish 5. Basically, you pick five things that you’ve had for a while, and aim to empty those out by a certain month. I picked September, since the original tag from Youtube (which I watched from Allison) was “Finish 5 by Fall”.

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Two Cents: BeautyMNL Skin Care Haul

Two cents is a beauty blog series that doles out initial thoughts on newly-purchased products.

It’s official: I am over my makeup haul-ing phase. I used to go gaga over lipsticks and foundations, but now, whenever I browse through the beauty department online or off, I go straight for skin care. Maybe it’s just this heat or maybe it’s the age — whatever it is, I have started loving pampering my skin!

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Road-Testing the Sacred Heart Diet

Image from

Image from

I am a pear — big hips and thighs, small waist and bust. When I was younger, I used to really hate my body, and in a world where the skinny is favoured, how can one not detest curviness? I’ve eventually come past body issues — I eat what I want, when I want it, and not let anyone shame me for the shape that I’m in. But it’s not to say that I don’t maintain a certain weight, not for vanity (okay, maybe a little), but mainly for health.

My weight used to usually play around 52 kg to 55 kg before I gave birth, and at 5’6″, I was within normal body proportions. But as Sanji grows up, and as work becomes more stressful than ever, I found myself constantly reaching for that cookie and that soda and that bag of chips, and sometimes after a really challenging day, I eat a heavy meal right before bedtime. These habits not only make me sick (like throwing up because I’m too full sick), but it also lessens my mobility. I am now 62kg — the heaviest that I have ever been.

It’s time to eat healthy. And with that goal, I want to start disciplining myself, kind of a preparatory diet, with the help of the Sacred Heart Diet. And I’m happy to report that my mom and younger sister will be joining me in this mini #BalikKalusuganAtAlindog project.

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Skincare Routine for June


Back when I was younger, I never really bothered with any routine with regards to my skin and body. Well, to be fair, I never really had any problems — no breakouts, little to no amount of blackheads, and no scarring, even after having chicken pox. When I developed my liking for makeup, that’s when I got a closer look at how un-cared for my skin is — blotchy red marks in the morning, uneven skin tone, crow’s feet around the eyes, acidic and dry skin on the forehead and large pores. Good thing, these babies are here to help get my skin better!

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