Two Cents: Etude House Sunprise Natural Corrector SPF50+ PA+++


The product name’s a mouthful, I know!

Lately, I’ve been on the lookout for one of the most basic daily skin care — sun screen. Now, I have professed my love for Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50+ PA+++ in my January Favourites, but three bottles in, I realized that it has a strong alcohol smell. It’s quite off-putting for someone who’s a bit sensitive to smells. I’m not sure if they changed the formula, but I decided to explore some other options.

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Lipstick Lab: A Shade Called Regina


Lipstick Lab is a gallery of the author’s lipstick mix discoveries. It’s a showcase, of some sort, for her love of math, colors, and lipstick

Since the start of the year, I’ve been constantly reaching for nude colors for my lips. Gone were the days where I’d sport a bold lip color… Maybe it’s age or maybe I’m just settling into what I think looks good on me :3

Today’s mix is called Regina because it’s dark and sultry and well, I’ve been watching reruns of Once Upon A Time and y’all know how I usually gravitate towards villains!

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Aloha: My New Home

I guess this is going to be that week of change — I’m happy to announce that my blog finally has its own home at *hurray*

Ever since I started blogging at age 16, I have had this dream of owning my dot com — somewhere I can really write and fully express myself and solely call mine, because as my momma said (and I thank her for seeing this), writing is my gift.

Head on over to my new home, if you have time. It’s still basically the same look, but a different address. Welcome! 😉

#RealTalk, No Pictures

Sometimes I ask myself why am I beauty blogging? Or even just simply blogging at all. I mean, I obviously don’t have the time. My photo shoots are done in between Sanji’s naps or while I’m preparing for work (which is honestly my only me time). The content here are written whilst on my 30-minute commute to work. None of these are thought out, conceptualized — whatever you call it in blogging terms.

Sometimes I wonder if I even have the capability of being a good mother. When Sanji gets on his tantrum mode (which happens a lot nowadays AND AT NIGHT), I frankly can’t help but scream because a) I don’t know how to pacify him and b) my attempts at appeasing him seem to only trigger more of his tantrums. I wonder if I’m bad for him. Because I know I’m a bad person. I am impatient and selfish and rude.

I doubt myself a lot nowadays. I’m neither where I want to be nor where I need to be. So I’m both unhappy and useless. Maybe that’s why I’m beauty blogging? Because I don’t need to think it out, like REALLY think it out. I slap on my face in the morning and I talk about how I slapped it on. Period.

Maybe I doubt myself a lot because I don’t receive some validation for what I do. I mean, I don’t think I receive validation. And I feel guilty for saying that out loud because I know Mario doesn’t see me as a failure. But see, I think love clouds his judgement. I’m nothing special.

I’m nothing special.

Maybe all I really need is to accept this. We’re all built to think that we’re something else — that the ultimate goal is to stand out. But maybe we’re wrong? Maybe the ultimate goal is to blend in, find an anchor and sway with the crowd. Maybe this is why so many people are desperate because in a planet with this much inhabitants, how can one tiny being stand out, really.

So maybe what I REALLY have to do is love the normalcy, the tiny in-betweens, the alwayses. Maybe we don’t really have to be the best parent or sister or lover. Maybe we don’t always have to think out everything. Maybe we don’t always have to be good.

Maybe I can just be my own, very real mediocre me.