Lipstick Lab: A Shade Called Regina


Lipstick Lab is a gallery of the author’s lipstick mix discoveries. It’s a showcase, of some sort, for her love of math, colors, and lipstick

Since the start of the year, I’ve been constantly reaching for nude colors for my lips. Gone were the days where I’d sport a bold lip color… Maybe it’s age or maybe I’m just settling into what I think looks good on me :3

Today’s mix is called Regina because it’s dark and sultry and well, I’ve been watching reruns of Once Upon A Time and y’all know how I usually gravitate towards villains!

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Makeup Stash: KathleenLights x Ofra Miami Fever

Happy new year everybody! *confetti*

I know I’ve been AWOL from this blog for quite some time, but that’s because I’ve bathed into this wonderful thing called ze┬áholidays. If you’re single and already think that the holidays is such a busy time of the year, try being a mom and you’ll find it even crazier! But it’s all fun, our little boy definitely enjoyed the long break wiz mommeh and daddeh.

Err, okay, back to beauty blogging! I’m going to start off this year with one of my favorites from 2015 — Miami Fever. If you don’t know yet, Kathleen Lights collaborated with Ofra Cosmetics and made this go-hor-geous liquid lipstick.

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Two Cents: Drugstore Mini Haul


Two cents is a beauty blog series that doles out initial thoughts on newly-purchased products.

Don’t they look wonderful? *kilig*

I actually purchased these items about three to four months ago, and they arrived just two weeks ago. One batch is from Amazon, through my co-worker who does a shipment business, and the other batch is from Makeup Inbox PH. Once again, I shopped blindly… well, somewhat blindly, because I did a ton of research about the products prior to ordering them. And by some luck, most of the products work for me. *yay*

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

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Lipstick Lab: A Shade Called Anna


Lipstick Lab is a gallery of the author’s lipstick mix discoveries. It’s a showcase, of some sort, for her love of math, colors, and lipstick

I’ve been on a blogging rut lately — I got busy with processing IDs and papers for my new work. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped experimenting with my lipsticks. Whenever I have the time, I squeeze in little shoots here and there.

I named this new shade Anna because of most of the Anna’s I know are soft-spoken and very lady-like — characteristics which perfectly describe this new baby.

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Lipstick Inventory


From one lipstick, I managed to grow my collection to fifteen in just a span of eight months. Majority of these were bought blindly online, and by some fluke of nature, everything managed to work for me.

I’m in detoxifying mode, and that doesn’t just apply to what I eat. Our closets have been purged of clothes that 1) don’t physically fit me, and 2) don’t align with my current style (if “black, white, blue and coral clothes only” can be called style). And I don’t see why I shouldn’t extend this to my makeup things. And being that lipstick is all I have in abundance, this is where I will start.

Now, I have divided my inventory into five parts: the keepers — obviously a list of owned lipsticks that are going to stay in my arsenal, the borderlines — kind of like a limbo for lipsticks until I decide their fate, the misfits — my tosses, the new kids on the block — my online purchases that haven’t arrived yet, and the santa-I’ve-been-nice — tubes that are definitely not in any of these pictures because it contains my wishlist.

Are you ready? Laz go!

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Lipstick Lab: A Shade Called Persephone


Lipstick Lab is a gallery of the author’s lipstick mix discoveries. It’s a showcase, of some sort, for her love of math, colors, and lipstick

I’ve been wanting to launch this beauty tag series because I’ve been lipmixing quite a lot this past few days, and the results have been amazing. I’m quite excited for today’s shade because the lipsticks that I’ve used to “create” it are cheap, but the product is spot on — it’s long lasting, it’s transfer-proof, and the color is so apt for fall.

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Makeup Stash: BYS Matte Lipstick


Makeup Stash is a beauty tag series that attempts to review various makeup items via full makeup routine demonstration and swatches.

Here’s the thing: I’m not really a fan of red lipsticks. I think that it ages me, and in a not so flattering manner. But then I discovered the matte formulation and instantly fell in love with the flat look it gives my lips — which kind of plumps it up in a natural way.

So here I am, documenting my first experience with the red, matte lipstick. Ma, I’m officially a grown woman. :p

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