Make: Wrap-around Infant Boots


When I first found out that I’m pregnant, my first instinct (aside from check-ups and taking pre-natal vitamins) was to make baby clothes. I didn’t have much yarn stock back then, so I targeted for something that required less materials, but won’t take too long to make. There are A LOT of crochet patterns for babies, and most of them are free!

Now that the chilly weather is here again, I thought that it’s time to whip out my boot patterns. The little ones have to be in fashion too!

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What I Paired with My Rusty Lopez Boots


A few weeks back, le husband and I went on a 13th month pay mini shopping. It was my idea of course (he he). I was originally on a quest for sandals, but nothing would fit my super thin and long feet. And then IĀ found this pair, fell in love with it, and tried it on with different outfits. Here’s what I’ve paired with it, so far:

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