Makeup Stash: KathleenLights x Ofra Miami Fever

Happy new year everybody! *confetti*

I know I’ve been AWOL from this blog for quite some time, but that’s because I’ve bathed into this wonderful thing called ze┬áholidays. If you’re single and already think that the holidays is such a busy time of the year, try being a mom and you’ll find it even crazier! But it’s all fun, our little boy definitely enjoyed the long break wiz mommeh and daddeh.

Err, okay, back to beauty blogging! I’m going to start off this year with one of my favorites from 2015 — Miami Fever. If you don’t know yet, Kathleen Lights collaborated with Ofra Cosmetics and made this go-hor-geous liquid lipstick.

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Four Favorite Beauty Vloggers


One of the best side-effects of technology is that people are never helpless. You have Google, Youtube, and even Facebook! Learning is made easier, and that helps a lot especially when you’re a newbie.

The first thing that I Google-d when I started on makeup? “How to shape your brows”, “Best brow shape for oval face” — I was all about the brows at first. And then I wanted to learn how to cat-eye, and then put on eyeshadow, and then blur pores instantly. I wanted to know everything I can and test my limits.

These four beauty Youtubers really helped me, unbeknownst to them, to get better in putting on makeup. It sounds cheesy, but I am forever thankful.

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