My Favourite Things | August 2016


My Favourite Things is a blog link-up by Eireen and Raisa about well, our favourite things. It can be anything — a book, makeup stuff, food, places, gadgets, website, people — and it can be as few or as many as you’d like.

We’re more than halfway through the year already, and I’m just writing my third favourites for this year heh. But I promise, this month’s favourites are so good and interesting enough to make up for my lack of dedication for the other seven months. Let’s jump right into it!

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Battle of: Korean Sun Screens


For the past two posts, I have been blabbing about pitting makeup and skincare products against each other for the ultimate beauty battle to lay out a comparison of sorts that will serve as a personal guide slash catalog. My ultimate goal is to seek, in every category, the product that works best for me, and parallel to that, writing insight on how these fare out with the Filipino skin. And since I have been going gaga over Korean skin care and sun protection, I thought, why not put my hoarding capabilities to good use he he.

First on the pit is A`pieu Pure Block Natural Sun Cream versus The Saem Eco Earth Power Light Sun Cream.

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Finish 5 by September | What I Used Up, What I Didn’t



About two months ago, I launched a challenge called the Finish 5 wherein I targeted to empty out five items from my skincare and makeup stash. As someone who has never (and I really mean never) finished anything beauty related plus my hoarding tendencies (beauty-related or not), this was something that I strived to be really conscious of on a daily basis.

I’m super excited to show you my trash my progress (sort of), so hop on in!

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Two Cents: BeautyMNL Skin Care Haul

Two cents is a beauty blog series that doles out initial thoughts on newly-purchased products.

It’s official: I am over my makeup haul-ing phase. I used to go gaga over lipsticks and foundations, but now, whenever I browse through the beauty department online or off, I go straight for skin care. Maybe it’s just this heat or maybe it’s the age — whatever it is, I have started loving pampering my skin!

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Two Cents: Etude House Sunprise Natural Corrector SPF50+ PA+++


The product name’s a mouthful, I know!

Lately, I’ve been on the lookout for one of the most basic daily skin care — sun screen. Now, I have professed my love for Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50+ PA+++ in my January Favourites, but three bottles in, I realized that it has a strong alcohol smell. It’s quite off-putting for someone who’s a bit sensitive to smells. I’m not sure if they changed the formula, but I decided to explore some other options.

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Two Cents: Althea Korea Mini Haul


Two cents is a beauty blog series that doles out initial thoughts on newly-purchased products.

Yes, dear reader, I am still alive! *Hallelujah chorus* As per usual, I got caught up in major priorities, and forgot to blog again

The past months, I have been on the down low with makeup,  I’ve been sticking to 3 makeup items on most days (Nyx Pore Filler, lipstick on the cheeks, lips, and sometimes eye crease, and made-up brows — if you’re curious), and just relying mainly on layered skin care — sun screen, glow cream, under eye cream. So it’s no wonder that on one of my planned hauls, most of the items are for moi skin.

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Skincare Routine for June


Back when I was younger, I never really bothered with any routine with regards to my skin and body. Well, to be fair, I never really had any problems — no breakouts, little to no amount of blackheads, and no scarring, even after having chicken pox. When I developed my liking for makeup, that’s when I got a closer look at how un-cared for my skin is — blotchy red marks in the morning, uneven skin tone, crow’s feet around the eyes, acidic and dry skin on the forehead and large pores. Good thing, these babies are here to help get my skin better!

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